An overview of Cooper Gulch Park and its main trails
Up close and personal perspective of Cooper Gulch Park and the many fun activities happening at Play & Plan Day.

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Have a favorite spot in the Park where you wouldn't change thing; a place where there always seems to be a problem; an idea for a great new something ? If so, click, drag & drop a "Pin" located at the top of the map to a particular location outlined on the map. Each Pin represents a different element related to the park, such as trails, gateways, things to do, restoration, safety that you can comment on. Once the pin is placed you will have an opportunity to add your thoughts or even a photo. Check out other people's ideas and respond by clicking on Pins others have placed. If you're not that familiar with the Park, then take a moment to check out the photos posted at locations around the Park by clicking the yellow Info pin. Have fun!

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