View Results of our Latest Survey

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the proposed project elements for the Green Infrastructure Grant, June 10 through June 16. We heard you and incorporated your feedback by narrowing the proposed elements of the grant. Check out what everyone had to say in the survey results.

Cooper Gulch Community Survey - August 13th to September 4th

And now for the survey results...drum roll please!

You guys are so great, we had over 500 completed surveys! Thank you for taking 6 minutes, and I'm guessing based on your comments maybe a few more, to share your thoughts and enthusiasm for the Park. Be sure to join us on Play & Plan Day in Cooper Gulch Park where we will take the next steps in sussing out what would make this space more meaningful to the community as a whole. We will also share the results of the survey and have opportunity to chat about what it all means and how we use these diverse perspectives to shape a park that is safe and welcoming for all.

One more thing, we can't say enough how much we appreciate that you share information about who you are. By doing, so we have been able to create slick reports focused on individual demographic groups, like men only, or women only, etcetera. In this way, we can get a better sense of the different experiences and perspectives outside of our own, and also come to understand those values we all share. Ok, enough rambling on. Enjoy!

Play & Plan Day, October 1, 

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We will host a community event in Cooper Gulch that will aspire to offer something for everyone. This will be an opportunity to explore possibilities. We will share the input the community has provided and visit high interest areas to share design ideas and solicit input.

Map Your Ideas for the Park using Social Pinpoint

Using Social Pinpoint you are able to drag & drop pins on topics related to trails, restoration, things to do, gateways & entrances, and safety to locations in and around the park and provide your thoughts in a comment. Interested in seeing what other people think? Check out and comment on pins other people have dropped and commented on using Social Pinpoint.