Cooper Gulch Common Grounds is a collaborative community driven effort to re-envision one of Eureka, California's hidden gems.

Our Mission

To engage the community in developing a master plan for Cooper Gulch Park.


Cooper Gulch is a cherished community space that offers a diversity of safe, engaging recreational facilities, programs, and events for a broad spectrum of the community in balance with a healthy ecosystem.

The Cooper Gulch Common Grounds Community

If you're reading this, the Cooper Gulch community is you! This includes the existing user groups, neighbors, visitors from other communities, as well as those people who currently don't currently have a strong connection with the Park but would like to. This grassroots community effort is about bringing awareness to how we can broaden our community engagement through this valuable public resource.

The steering Committee

We are the folks who are organizing meetings and volunteers, securing resources through relationship building and grant writing, developing and administering the community survey, coordinating events and facilities for our community event on October 1st, and drafting the community vision from your ideas. This group includes:

  • Emily Sinkhorn, Eureka resident, softball player, and neighbor to Cooper Gulch;
  • Aaron Ostrom, Owner of Pacific Outfitters and Director of PacOut Green Team;
  • Kash Boodjeh; Architect, K Boodjeh Architects
  • Christy Prescott, resident neighbor to Cooper Gulch;
  • Jeff Raimey, City of Eureka Parks and Recreation;
  • Delo Frietas, Planner, City of Eureka, Development Services;
  • Jessica Hall, Landscape Architect, GHD;
  • Sara West, Community Planner, Planwest Partners; .